Stories of me attempting at figuring out life but usually failing


It’s Been Awhile Eh?

Yea so I fail at blogging. I’m not sure that anyone really cares as there isn’t a cult following to this blog, but sorry either way. So let’s see in the last few months I have spent my 8 weeks (well more like 7) teaching at Eaton Middle School, rang in the New Year biker gang style, learned a little more about snowboarding and had some fun in Vail, drank until 5:30 am then worked a 9 hour workday on no sleep, laughed, cried, swam, drank, ran, and done all sorts of shit.

Most of my friends have moved out of Greeley, which is a bummer. I’ve been hanging out with the biker gang a lot more lately which is definitely contributing to the downward spiral that is my life, illustrated by Kevin, which can be seen here

Anyway, it’s been interesting to say the least. I have actually had what I would consider to be the most promiscuous start to any year ever, which I have yet to decide if that’s a good thing or not. Either way it seems to leave me just as single as ever. And no I won’t go into explicit details, but let’s just put it this way, I’ve only been naked with one person, but I’m well on my way to becoming the new office (erm pool) slut.


There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays…

So true so true. In usual fashion the Prigge family is as out of control as ever. I was greeted at SeaTac last Saturday morning by this sight:This of course led me to believe that the remainder of my stay would be just as hilarious as always. So far it has lived up to all my expectations. It took my mom almost an entire 48 hours before she started dropping hints about wanting grandchildren. Which were of course, well received by her single daughter (me). But, much to her delight baby Ry and I got along quite well as you can see here:As for the rest of the family? Well things are pretty much the same. The policy of allowing someone to drive a car without telling them that there is something wrong seems to be standing firm. Two years ago I discovered whilst driving my dad’s car that sometimes the speedometer just doesn’t work. Monday evening I discovered that the drivers side key-hole whatever you call it on my sister’s car is broken. I put the key in and it just went in circles. Now as you can imagine when people know I’m going to be driving their cars and don’t tell me these things I immediately begin to worry that I have in fact broken something. Fortunately not the case.

Ellensburg is the same as ever, Momma P has the menu for the holiday weekend posted, I have made up dough for 4 kinds of cookies, we just wrestled the tree up onto the deck, and meal #1 is in the near future. I expect that it will be another interesting holiday at the Prigge house, sadly sans kitty for the first time in 15 years 😦 On the plus side, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which means Christmas Eve brunch, which means mimosas! Happy Holidays friends and remember:


This is my horoscope today:
May 21-June 21
November 20, 2011

One of the most important lessons you need to learn in life is that the perfect time just doesn’t exist. So if you are waiting for this mythical perfect time to have an important talk with someone, you are going to be waiting for a very long time. It says a lot about a person who says what he or she needs to say when they feel it … and it enables a lot more productive communication. Start that conversation today. You will be surprised by how easily it will continue.

I haven’t read my horoscope in quite some time because I am always looking too deep into it and blah blah blah, well eff this, I don’t want to have any important talks, that perfect time will come sometime, I just don’t know when. Eh maybe I’m delusional.

Getting Back on Track

After the epic fail that involved the punch/dog bite I went a little introverted and kept to myself for the most part last week. I didn’t really feel depressed (minus Monday when I was on the verge of tears pretty much all day), but I did exhibit a few symptoms of depression (sleeping like a boss, disregard for personal hygiene, etc). Anyway, for the most part I feel that I have myself back on track, of course I lost my ipod shuffle on Tuesday, which was a real bummer. But really, other than that I’m hoping my life is less of a shitshow. Now this morning when I got in my car after teaching the “low tire pressure” light was on, but I’m hoping that was just due to the fact that it was freaking ass cold outside because all my tires looked fine. I’m about to head to class and I’ll check on it, not going to lie, a little nervous.

Also, I’m actually excited to not be going home for Turkey day. I realize that is weird, but I think I’ll survive just fine. Big plans to run the Turkey Trot and hopefully win myself a pie.

The Story of the Punch/Dog Bite

Due to some requests I have decided to type out the story of my Saturday-Monday, which entails the punch, as well as the dog bite. I will be changing all names of people so as not to indicate anyone. So here goes, the story starts about a month ago when I went over to a friend’s house one Friday night. I went over because my friend Fred was there and had told me I should come by. When I got there I noticed that Petunia, a girl I work, also happened to be there. She is not my favorite person, but whatever. So we played a game of King’s Cup then Fred and I left to go get a drink at a bar. Now Petunia was not happy because she has wanted Fred’s nuts for a long time and apparently was thinking that maybe she would be getting some that night. Now I will pause to say that everyone has indicated that her feeling like this is a bit ridiculous, Fred had never shown any interest in Petunia. Anyway, she became very unhappy about this whole situation and has not spoken to me since that night.

Fast forward to this past weekend. One of my co-workers decided that we should have a work party. I knew that Petunia and her little posse would be there so I was apprehensive about this, but decided to see how it would go anyway. I figured there would be drama, but did not realize to what extent. I spent the entire night avoiding the bitches as I just wanted to avoid any confrontation. Somehow we all ended up in the kitchen and from what I recall this is what happened. Petunia said something that she thought I should agree with, I just looked at her like I’m not going to agree with you and next thing I knew I was getting punched by her cousin. Long story short the bitches got kicked out of the house as soon as the punch went down, but of course that is not the end. Everyone at work knows about the whole thing, I have heard a number of different stories. I heard that Petunia was talking shit about me the whole night leading up to the party, calling me a bitch blah blah blah. I heard that I pushed her cousin and that is why I got punched, which is false. I am sure that the rumors will continue, especially since one of my friends wants to start a rumor that I want round 2, also false.

Now for the dog bite. I ran down to work Monday morning to change my availability for next month. I was on my way home and running in the 1600 block of 7th avenue when two dogs ran at me and started jumping on me. I was screaming and one of the dogs bit me. I yelled at the woman then had an emotional breakdown and walked home crying. My leg bruised and swelled up so I went to the health center that afternoon to have it checked out. They have to report any animal bites to animal control. The next morning an animal control officer came and took my statement. He went down and quarantined the dog. He found that the dog did not have its rabies vaccinations. The owners got cited for vicious dog, lack of shots, and lack of tags. Hopefully I will not start foaming at the mouth, but you never know. Also, if the owners plead not-guilty to the vicious dog charge I will have to go to municipal court to testify, I’m pretty sure they would have to be pretty dumb not to plead guilty, but we’ll just see what happens.

And that is the story.

So Yeah…

Last night I got punched in the face. I’m sorry to say that I was so drunk that I cannot give you the complete details, all I know is that the side of my face hurts like a mf today so I’m assuming that in addition to getting clocked in the face I must have been hit upside the head as well. I won’t get into all the details, but it involves stupid work drama with some dumb bitches. Anyway, I feel like complete hell today, hangover + hurt face. I think that I am going to cut back drastically on the drinking. I didn’t drink much at all this semester after the block party shenanigans and then I started up again about 10 days ago, and I think that I now need to cut back again. Too bad seeing as next weekend is Halloween, but I guess I’ll be able to remember everything if I take it easy on the alcohol.

Lazy Lazy Lazy

I guess I did do a 2 mile open water swim this morning, so technically I deserve to laze around, but now I am just doing nothing and its making me feel like a bum. I watched the movie Food Inc earlier and while I do pretty well with the whole eating organic business, it made me want to be even better. The video footage from the farms where chickens are raised was frightening. I am feeling less and less inclined to eat chicken ever, and if I do, well definitely no Tyson! It didn’t show any footage from Monfort, but mentioned it, which was weird.

In other news the first line of my horoscope tells me that I have a partnership that’s growing into a rewarding situation. Well that sounds promising, but a. I think that is crap and b. later it says that the gentleness in which I deliver my advice to others is much appreciated. I’m fairly certain “gentleness” is not one of my fortes.

Le sigh, I am NOT feeling my classes at all this semester. My weeks are going to be jam packed and I just want the whole sitting in class thing to be over, but then I have to do the whole student teaching business not to mention I have to freaking make decisions about where I want to student teach pretty much like yesterday. Real life is creeping up on me and it’s scary, perhaps that’s why I’ve gotten blackout drunk the last two Friday nights in a row…wHoopsies!